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Are you struggling with your sleep? An experienced NHS-trained insomnia specialist is here to help, using the best evidence-based science.

We offer bespoke insomnia therapy and support with your sleep using the evidence-based technique called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia, or CBTI.

CBTI is the ONLY proven cure for insomnia and is recommended as the gold standard treatment of insomnia by the NHS and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

We help you learn to sleep better naturally without having to rely on sleeping pills or medication.

We can see you either face-to-face at our clinic space in central Cambridge (Salus Wellness Clinic), or online through Zoom or Skype, meaning we can see you for insomnia therapy wherever you are. This means that you can get help for your sleep in the comfort of your own home with the sessions causing minimal disruption to your schedule.

Not only do we help you get past your insomnia, but also we empower you to become your own sleep expert.

Our approach is compassion-focused, and the sessions are structured, educational, collaborative, and enjoyable!

Please see our website for testimonials from our happily-sleeping clients

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